Your willingness to be yourself is the will of God

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God created you in the likeness of God. Through the power that God has given you, you have created the rest. God created life as you know it and life itself. But God also gives you the freedom to choose, and you can live your life as you like. In this view, you will also be the will of God for you. You've had your life in your own way, and I don't have anything to do with it.

God's plan is for you to create anything -- everything -- whatever you want. In this freedom, there is the experience of God for God, and for this experience, I have created you, and life itself. God gives man the freedom of choice, the freedom of creation, the choice and creation of man, which is the state of God. I don't despise anything. God is in sorrow and in laughter, in bitter and sweet.

In the eyes of God, everything is acceptable ". They are life, and life is a gift; an unspeakable treasure. There is a divine purpose behind everything - and there is a divine presence in every thing. I am life, for I am what life is. Each of them has a divine purpose.

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